Sixpence Publishing is a boutique publisher that focuses on building the author’s brand, social media, and platform as well as publishing their books. Because of the amount of time and attention we give our clients, we only handle one or two authors at a time.

Our requirements:

  • Authors must have a backlist of at least three to five books in contemporary or paranormal romance.
  • Their backlist must consist of well written, professionally edited books with professional covers and favorable reviews.
  • Authors must be willing to let us help create a brand for their social media, website, and books.
  • Authors must be willing to let us help market their previous books in preparation of the launch of Sixpence books.
  • Authors must be open to ideas and suggestions.
  • Authors must be willing to sell two books to Sixpence Publishing.

Sixpence Publishing currently isn’t signing new clients, but we are on the lookout for authors to work with in 2020. If you meet the criteria and feel like you would be a good fit, contact us using the form below.

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